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Online recruitment is becoming increasingly complex. It requires specialized knowledge that most recruiters do not have.
This includes recruitment marketing, SEO, data analysis, and website management.

Most companies address this by outsourcing everything.
However, means they cede control to external companies, while lacking the knowledge to properly evaluate their work.

With Emplear’s training programs, you develop knowledge in-house. From basic trainings that help you maintain control over external partners, to full-fledged trainings which teach you to do everything yourself.

Why choose trainings?

In addition to providing training, is specialized in recruitment marketing, SEO, and career sites.
We have experienced specialists on staff for all of these disciplines, each with over 10 years of experience.

If you choose our trainings, you will be taught by these same specialists.
That means no vague theoretical teachings, but useful information that you can apply directly in practice.

Our trainings

We offer both trainings and courses.
A training is a one-time event that lasts half a day. You will learn the basics of a topic.

A course takes a longer period of time. It begins with an introductory training.
After that, there are multiple contact moments in which you will work on the subject under the guidance of an expert.
After a course, you will have learned enough to independently perform the tasks.

Below, you will find an overview of the trainings and courses we offer. Are you not sure what you need, or do you have other wishes? Please contact us and we will create a customized program together.

Recruitment marketing

The days when candidates come to you spontaneously are long gone. Recruitment marketing is needed to reach your target audience and convince them to apply to your company.

Most companies outsource this. This often leads to disappointing results. The reason: the recruiters do not have the knowledge to choose a good marketing agency or to evaluate their work.

To be less dependent and to keep control over external parties, choose our trainings. This will give you the knowledge to control and direct marketers.

Do you want to become even more independent and save money? Follow one or more of our courses. This will give you all the knowledge you need to manage campaigns at a professional level yourself.

Basic trainings
– General recruitment marketing training
– Training “what is good advertising material?”

Courses (advanced)
– Google Ads expert course
– YouTube advertising expert course
– Meta (Facebook & Instagram) advertising expert course
– LinkedIn advertising expert course


Being able to analyze data gives you control. If you have insights into the data, you will always know which recruitment marketing channels are effective and how your careers site is performing.
A recruiter with a handle on the data is confident towards suppliers and always has clear answers to questions from within their organization.

In our trainings, you will learn how to read and understand data. We will take you through Google Analytics and other systems and give you control over your own data.
In our Google Tag Manager course, you will learn how to set different types of goals yourself.

Basic trainings
– Data analysis: monitor the results of recruitment marketing
– Data analysis: monitor the performance of the career site
– Data analysis: monitor the results of SEO

Courses (advanced)
– Course on setting goals with Google Tag Manager


With SEO, you make your career site more visible in Google. Good written content plays a big role in this. You can have it produced externally, or you can have your employees write it. The latter usually produces the best content, factually speaking – your own employees, of course, know the most about your company.

For a good result, however, they must take SEO principles into account when writing. The good news is that these are easy to learn.

In our trainings, you will learn how SEO works and how to produce good SEO content. With this knowledge, you can start writing content yourself. Combine this with content support by Emplear and we will help you sharpen your skills in the weeks/months thereafter.

To become completely independent from external consultants, learn how to conduct keyword research or optimize your site technically with one of our SEO courses.

Basic trainings
– SEO basics
– Writing SEO content
– Content writing support (ongoing)

Courses (advanced)
– Conducting keyword research and creating a content strategy
– Technical SEO

Website management

As a recruiter, you are regularly working on the careers site. For example, to post blogs or publish a new landing page. It is quite annoying and time-consuming to have to ask for help from a web builder or the IT department every time.

With our basic trainings, you will learn how to perform the everyday tasks involved in managing the career site yourself. We always work with WordPress, so the trainings are focused on this CMS.

Basic trainings
– Correctly placing blog posts
– Making changes to the website yourself

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