Recruitment Websites

A great recruitment website is a crucial part of your hiring process. Our recruitment websites are not just a place to publish job postings and show your employer brand.

We take recruitment marketing, SEO, measurability and UX into account from the start.
Therefore, the sites we build are not just attractive, but also effective.

A great website helps you hire more good employees in the following ways:

  • Allows candidates to apply without frustration.
  • Provides effective landing pages for recruitment marketing campaigns.
  • Brings in candidates via SEO.
  • Tells the story of your brand in an engaging way.
  • Allows visitors to easily find the right job posting for them.
  • Allows us to measure applications and other conversions.
  • Gives a positive impression of your company to potential candidates. can help you set up a website that does all of this, and more.

Of course, we can also work
with an existing website.

In that case, we will analyse the site and
determine if improvements are needed.

A Recruitment
Website By Emplear

Emplear creates custom-built recruitment websites. We’ll make sure all your bases are covered and that the website seamlessly integrates into the hiring process.

The key features
of our websites:

  • Smooth application process
  • Custom-built for your needs
  • Fast to access
  • SEO proof
  • Connected to your ATS
  • Rock-solid security
  • WordPress or custom CMS
  • Makes it easy to browse job postings
  • Industry standard hosting on AWS
  • Connected to our recruitment automation software
  • Tells the story of your brand in an engaging way.
  • Landing pages that convert
  • Fully compliant with privacy legislation
  • Responsive, attractive and functional design

Are you curious how we can apply these principles to improve your organisation's hiring process?

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