Way of working helps companies optimize their complete hiring process based on data.
The main goal: attract more and better candidates and retain more of them.

In short, we achieve this by:

Our way of working only works
if we work together

Our way of working only works if we work together. We work with recruiters, marketing managers and other employees at your company. Rather than taking over their tasks, we allow them to focus on what’s important, making their work more effective, easier to manage, and more satisfying.

Our Maturity Model

When we start working with your organization, the first step is to assess the state of your current hiring process. This results in a grading according to our maturity model.

In our maturity model, we grade the following:

Data analysis
What data is being gathered now? In which parts of the hiring process do we currently have insight?
Recruitment marketing
What channels are being employed? Are campaigns being optimized?
What is the turnover rate? What onboarding processes are in place, and how do they function?
Employer branding
Is there a employer branding strategy? If yes, how is it being promoted?
Recruitment automation
Is recruitment automation being used? What can still be streamlined?
Is there recruitment marketing expertise in the organization? Which trainings are needed?

We rate each of these aspects on a scale from
Unknowing (0) to Enlightened (4).

This grading forms the basis of a realistic plan to
optimize your hiring process step by step.

Our Hiring process

The hiring process is the trajectory a new hires goes through, from first contact to first contract. helps you measure this entire process, gathering data to improve its effectiveness.

It looks as follows:

First Contact

The first time a prospective candidate reads or hears something, which sparks some interested in your company as a workplace.

Recruitment Marketing

In this phase, we use recruitment marketing to get the prospective candidate to apply. Read more about recruitment marketing here.


At this point, the candidate enters the application process.

Application process optimization

Your application process should be as smooth as possible, so you don’t lose applicants along the way. helps you optimize this, both on your website and internally.


After a successful application, the candidate becomes and employee and starts their probation month at your company.

Onboarding helps you optimize your onboarding processes. Great onboarding is the key to happy and well-performing employees. That means they stay longer and work better.

Temporary contract

If all goes well, the new employee gets offered a temporary contract.


Data gathering doesn’t stop the moment you hire someone. We need to know if employees stay, and if their expectations are being met. These valuable insights are used to further optimize the other components of the hiring process.

Permanent contract

When an employee receives a permanent contract, the hiring process can be considered successful. Of course, we measure which of the hired employees get one and optimize the hiring process accordingly.

Keep this widget in the code (format guide)

Keep this widget in the code (format guide)

Marketing Automation

We use recruitment automation to save you time and money and to run recruitment marketing campaigns more efficiently.

Our software tool helps you in the following ways:

Automating repetitive tasks
Job postings you create in your own ATS can be published to a wide array of channels with one click.

Syncing with your ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
Our tool connects to your ATS via an API-connection. This allows you to benefit from recruitment automation while working with the system you know.
Our dashboard provides a live overview of results and spending, all in one place. With this, you are in control of your own data.
Managing budgets and targets
Our software helps you stay in control of your ad spend. Set daily budgets per channel or per advertisement, and/or choose to pause campaigns after a set goal has been reached.
More about our recruitment marketing automation tool?

Are you curious how we can apply these principles to improve your organisation's hiring process?

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