How we work

To successfully attract online candidates, you need to have all your ducks in a row.
A good website, smart recruitment marketing, or a strong employer brand are not enough on their own.

That’s why we help you improve all aspects of online recruitment.
Using our Maturity Model, we determine where your organization stands.
This, together with your goals and challenges, is the basis for a customized improvement plan.

Want to discuss how this can be applied to your organisation?

What can you expect?

When you work with us, you can expect the following:

Transparency – full insight into expenses, results, and our work.
Knowledge sharing – we help you become a better recruiter with training and education.
Expertise – we only work with experienced experts.
Innovation – we are always working to make recruitment better and more effective.

Our Maturity Model

Using our Maturity Model, we determine your company’s current state and what the next steps are. Together, we develop a strategy that will help you attract better candidates.

In our maturity model, we grade the following:

Data analysis
What data is being gathered now? In which parts of the hiring process do we currently have insight?
Recruitment marketing
What channels are being employed? Are campaigns being optimized?
What is the turnover rate? What onboarding processes are in place, and how do they function?
Employer branding
Is there a employer branding strategy? If yes, how is it being promoted?
Recruitment automation
Is recruitment automation being used? What can still be streamlined?
Is there recruitment marketing expertise in the organization? Which trainings are needed?

We rate each of these aspects on a scale from
Unknowing (0) to Enlightened (4).

This grading forms the basis of a realistic plan to
optimize your hiring process step by step.

Are you curious how we can apply these principles to improve your organisation's hiring process?

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