Recruitment Marketing

A good recruitment marketing strategy brings in suitable candidates continuously.
This requires customization: a mix of channels that fit your company and ongoing optimizations based on data.
Our campaigns reach both active and latent job seekers with the right message at the right time.

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The key points of our recruitment marketing strategies are:

The right message at the right time

We lead active job seekers to a job posting as quickly as possible.
To reach a wider audience, we activate latent job seekers.
We do this with a persuasive message based on your employer brand.

A mix of channels

To reach your target groups, we use a mix of online marketing channels.


Welke kanalen we kiezen, hangt af van je doelgroep en doelstellingen. We adverteren o.a. op:

Data driven

The market conditions are constantly changing. That’s why we work data-driven.
We measure the results of each campaign and continuously make improvements based on this data.


We only work with experienced specialists.
They have experience in both recruitment marketing and e-commerce.
They use this experience to make the campaigns run like a well-oiled machine.

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