Data is the foundation of good online recruitment.
By measuring the right data, we can improve recruitment marketing campaigns and career sites.
Of course, we also use data to give our customers insights into their recruitment processes and recruitment marketing results.

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Measuring the right goals on the website

A significant part of the candidate journey takes place on the career site. That’s why we make sure that all relevant goals are being measured. We use custom scripts for this, so that the site is not slowed down and we don’t miss any conversions.

We measure the following, among others:

  • Applications
  • Partially completed (application) forms
  • Contact requests
  • Partially and fully played videos
  • Scroll movements and other actions on the site

Combining data from different sources

We combine data from your ATS, recruitment marketing channels, and Analytics to provide insight into the entire candidate journey.
This prevents data from being fragmented and ensures that different disciplines can work together towards a single goal.

Insights with customized dashboards

We don’t keep the collected data to ourselves. As a customer, you will gain insights into the data with our dashboard.
What is important is not the same for every company.
That’s why we customize our dashboards to your preferences.

If we carry out recruitment marketing for you, you will also receive a monthly report with our work, results, analysis of the results, and plans for the following month.

Continuous optimizations based on data

Based on data, we continuously make improvements to the recruitment marketing campaigns.
We test new ads, respond to changes in the market, and optimize bidding strategies.

Are you curious how we can apply these principles to improve your organisation's hiring process?

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