Slide – the hiring process specialist is the hiring process specialist. Our goal:
To use data and technology to make recruitment more effective and more efficient.

We have extensive experience in online (recruitment) marketing, building websites and data analysis. From that experience we see that a lot can be improved in the recruitment world.

Therefore, we work together with out clients to bring their hiring process to the next level. We provide the right data, great custom recruitment websites and recruitment marketing campaigns.

Data is the basis of our work. By measuring the hiring process from first contact to permanent contract, we make sure we focus on what works. This data is also used to help and provide transparency to our clients.

Our recruitment websites are not just a place to publish job postings and show your employer brand. We take recruitment marketing, SEO, measurability and UX into account from the start. Therefore, the sites we build are not just attractive, but also effective.

We help our clients with a recruitment marketing strategy that ensures they attract more and better candidates. To that end we apply a tailored strategy, with the right mix of channels. We continuously optimise our campaigns based on data.

With our help, recruitment becomes easier, more efficient and more effective.
Simply said: we help clients attract and retain more and better candidates.

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Are you curious how we can apply these principles to improve your organisation's hiring process?

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