About us

Emplear.io helps companies attract and retain more and better candidates online. 
We do this by building career websites, providing training, running recruitment marketing campaigns, and more. 

Our values:

We are transparent about results and our work
– For example, if we run recruitment marketing campaigns for you, you will receive a dashboard and monthly reports. The dashboard shows real-time results for any desired period. The reports show the results for that month and our analysis of the numbers.

We share our knowledge
– For example, we write blogs to share our knowledge of online recruitment. These appear on our own site and on external sites.
Take advantage of it!

We are innovative
– For example, we are working on a system to connect data from HR, recruitment, and advertising, so that departments can work together towards the same goals. Another example: we use the latest insights from online marketing to make recruitment marketing better.

We provide custom solutions
– For example, we build websites tailored to your needs, with a unique design and all the integrations and features that fit your situation. Our recruitment marketing strategies and training programs are also tailored to your needs.

We only work with experienced specialists (10+ years)
– For example, our trainings are given by specialists who know their trade inside out. They have all been active in their field for more than 10 years.

Emplear.io was founded by marketeers and web developers. Based on our experience in e-commerce, we saw that recruitment doesn’t make use of the latest insights from the online marketing world.

That’s why we have assembled an experienced team of experts in marketing, recruitment, web development, data analysis, and HR.

With this team, we help companies take online recruitment to a new level. Not with a temporary fix, but with permanent improvements and an approach that works.

Our ultimate goal: to ensure that HR, recruitment, and marketing departments work together towards the same goals. We do this by connecting data sources, providing effective tools, and sharing knowledge with our customers.

Our Team

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Are you curious how we can apply these principles to improve your organisation's hiring process?

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