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process specialist helps you optimize your complete hiring process, based on hard data. Attract more candidates, hire the best ones, make sure they stick around and gain insight in their performance. helps you optimize your complete hiring process, based on hard data.
Attract more candidates, hire the best ones, make sure they stick around and learn what works.


Our Hiring process

The hiring process is the trajectory a new hires goes through, from first contact to first contract. helps you measure this entire process, gathering data to improve its effectiveness.

It looks as follows:

First Contact

The first time a prospective candidate reads or hears something, which sparks some interested in your company as a workplace.

Recruitment Marketing

In this phase, we use recruitment marketing to get the prospective candidate to apply. Read more about recruitment marketing here.


At this point, the candidate enters the application process.

Application process optimization

Your application process should be as smooth as possible, so you don’t lose applicants along the way. helps you optimize this, both on your website and internally.


After a successful application, the candidate becomes and employee and starts their probation month at your company.

Onboarding helps you optimize your onboarding processes. Great onboarding is the key to happy and well-performing employees. That means they stay longer and work better.

Temporary contract

If all goes well, the new employee gets offered a temporary contract.


Data gathering doesn’t stop the moment you hire someone. We need to know if employees stay, and if their expectations are being met. These valuable insights are used to further optimize the other components of the hiring process.

Permanent contract

When an employee receives a permanent contract, the hiring process can be considered successful. Of course, we measure which of the hired employees get one and optimize the hiring process accordingly.

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Properly measuring the entire hiring process, is the key to attracting and retaining great employees.

We use data to continuously improve your hiring process.
Data and continuous optimization are the basis of our unique way of working.

Our Services

An hiring process strategy is a combination of the following services.
Together, we create a custom plan for your company.

Recruitment Marketing

Attract more and better candidates with recruitment marketing. Because we are data-driven, we continuously optimize the recruitment marketing campaign so they perform better and cost less.

  • Campaigns by experienced online recruitment marketing experts

  • Transparent about costs and results

  • Cost-efficient and effective

Read more about recruitment marketing.

Recruitment Marketing Automation

Managing different marketing channels and keeping track of their performance can quickly become very time-consuming. Our software tool makes your life easier and improves recruitment marketing effectiveness.

  • Automate repetitive tasks

  • Syncs with your ATS

  • Data reporting

  • Managing budgets and targets

Click to read more about recruitment marketing automation.

Recruitment website creates custom-built recruitment websites. We’ll make sure all your bases are covered and that the website seamlessly integrates into the hiring process.

  • Smooth application process

  • SEO-proof

  • Secure, fast and easy to use

Click to read more about our recruitment websites.

Data analysis

Our goal for any of our clients is to fully measure the hiring process, from first contact to permanent contract. We use this data to optimize the process and provide you insight.

  • Dashboards for easy insight into results

  • Focus on real results, not just application or hires

  • Optimize recruitment marketing, application and onboarding based on data.

Click to read more about data analysis.

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